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Applying for a Mestu Minor

Use eLion and use the Minor Declaration System

Minor Requirements

  • A grade of C or better is required for all courses in the minor.
  • Scheduling Recommendation by Semester Standing given like (Sem: 1-2)
  • 18 credits

Select 3 credits from HIST/ARAB/RL ST 165(3) HIST/J ST 181 GH; IL(3), HIST/RL ST 471Y IL(3), HIST/J ST 472 IL(3), HIST/J ST 473 IL(3), RL ST 107 GH; US; IL(3) (Sem: 5-8)


Select 15 credits, at least 6 at the 400-level, from approved program list in consultation with the professor in charge of the minor. No more than 6 credits may come from language study. (Sem: 5-8)

Anthropology: ANTH/JST/PLSC/SOC 060 GS IL (3)
Art History: ART H 330 GA, GI (3); ART H 442 (3), ART H 452 (3) 

Arabic: ARAB 001 (4), ARAB 002 (4), ARAB 003 (4), ARAB 110 GH IL (3), ARAB/RLST 164 GH IL (3), ARAB/HIST/RLST 165 IL (3), ARAB 401 IL (3), ARAB 402 IL (3)
Classics and Ancient Mediterranean Studies: CAMS 010 GH IL (3), CAMS 010U GH IL (3), CAMS 020 GH (3), CAMS/RLST 044 GH IL(3), CAMS/JST/RLST 070 GH IL (3), CAMS/JST/RLST 090 GH IL (3),
CAMS/HIST/JST/RLST 102 GH IL (3), CAMS/HIST 104 GH (3), CAMS 115 GH IL (3), CAMS 405 IL (3), CAMS 470 IL (3)


Comparative Literature: CMLIT 449 IL (3)

Hebrew: HEBR 001 (4), HEBR 002 (4), HEBR 003 (4), HEBR 401 (3 PER SEM; MAX 6), HEBR 402
(3 PER SEM; MAX 6)


History: HIST/CAMS/JST/RLST 102 GH IL (3), HIST/CAMS 104 GH (3), HIST 105 GH IL (3),
HIST 108 GH IL (3), HIST 108U GH IL (3) HIST 165/ARAB/RLST IL (3), HIST/JST 140 GH IL (3), HIST/JST 181 GH IL (3), HIST/JST 181U GH IL (3) HIST/ JST 401 IL (3), HIST/JST 416 (3), HIST/RLST 423 GH IL (3), HIST/RLST 471M IL (3), HIST 471Y IL (3), HIST 472/JST, HIST 473/JST IL (3)

Jewish Studies:  JST/ANTH/PLSC/SOC 060, JST/CAMS/RLST 070, JST/CAMS/RLST 090,
JST/HIST 181U GH IL (3), JST/HIST 401 IL (3), JST/HIST 416 (3), JST/HIST 472 IL, JST/HIST IL 473
Political Science: PLSC/ANTH/JST/SOC 060 GS IL (3), PLSC 467 (3) 

Religious Studies: RLST/CAMS 044 GH IL (3), RLST/CAMS/JST 070 GH IL (3), RLST/CAMS/JST 090 GH IL(3), RLST/CAMSHIST/JST/RLST 102 GH IL (3), RLST 107 GH US IL (3), RLST/ARAB 164

Sociology: SOC/ANTH/JST/PLSC 060 GS IL (3)



*If a course having to do with the Middle East does not appear on this list it may be a new course and the course may be counted toward the minor. Courses on the Middle East taken through a Study Abroad program may also count. Inquiries should be made to

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World War II and The Middle East, A Symposium Marking the 80th Anniversary of the Outbreak of WWII

On the 80th anniversary of the outbreak of WWII, we would like to invite the Penn State community to think about the war from a non-Western perspective. WWII has been studied and discussed mostly through the prism of the European and Pacific theatres, however, its significance as a global event becomes more evident when we look at the Middle East, North Africa, and Central Asia, regions where the legacy of the war molded many of the developments that shaped those societies until these days. 

Faculty, students, and members of the Penn State and State College community are invited to participate in this two-day symposium. Admission is free. 

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